Know Us Better

About Us

Hallmarks’s Beginning

Hallmark Academy was born out of the quest for a school where children will learn in an environment of contemporary unchallenged standards.
Hallmark Academy is a school built on a sound foundation. Assuring an all-around education in learning, character, and self-reliance with quality teachers, practical-oriented classes, and facilities.

Our location is serene and devoid of city distractions. Our classrooms, with our strikingly beautiful edifices, are spacious and conducive.
We believe in a small class population, where close attention is paid to the individual needs of each child.

We match children’s work to their abilities. We find that children learn better when they think they are doing well. So we integrate into our learning process plenty of activities that foster the creative aspect of a child.

Our Philosophy

We believe that no child is ineducable and each has the right to be educated without interference. Each child is special to us and we appreciate that each child is an individual and need to be treated as such.

The Goal

Our overall goal is to encourage the child to develop personal/moral self discipline, cooperate and show respect for self and others, these are keys to becoming self-reliant and self-actualized in all one does.

The Mission

Our goal is to inculcate the key skills that will provide our children with the required sound and balanced education, thereby making them independent and self-actualized citizens in their own rights.